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Breast Reconstruction after a Mastectomy

Breast cancer is one of those things that can greatly impact a person life, and overcoming it is one of life’s greatest accomplishments. For those who have suffered from it, or have loved ones who have, mastectomy is one of the ways to treat it. Mastectomy is an operation that removes the breast affected with cancer. After the surgery, the breast can be reconstructed through another surgery. Breast reconstruction is often the next step for women who have mastectomy.

Breast reconstruction is another surgery to help rebuild the shape of the breast that was removed because of the cancer. There are two ways this surgery will be performed: immediately after surgery or after the surgery. Immediate breast reconstruction is done after the mastectomy, while delayed breast reconstruction is done after the mastectomy wounds have healed.

Breasts can be rebuilt using three types of implants; saline, silicone or autologous tissues. Saline and silicone are artificial implants while autulogous tissues are tissues that can be taken from other parts of the patient’s body. Choosing which implant to use or when to have the breast reconstructive surgery done can all depend on the possibility of chemotherapy, the size and shape of the breast that was removed, the age and most especially the health of the patient. All these things are to be considered before having breast reconstruction and talking with the reconstructive surgeon and breast surgeon can help the patient choose which one is most beneficial.

As told on the website of Bergman Folkers Cosmetic Surgery, traumatic events such as breast cancer and the scars that come along with it can affect the patient’s life in many ways. Not only can these experiences affect the patient physically, but these serious disfigurements can give stress and emotional trauma to those who have them.

More and more women have been choosing to have breast reconstruction after mastectomy in order to have their life back to normal. Even famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie underwent double mastectomy and came out successful after her surgery. With the advancements of medical technologies, these serious physical disfigurements from diseases and injuries can be addressed so that life will continue the way it was, if not for the better.