Injuries to Children Due to Hazardous Property

Premises liability accounts for both the land owner and the residents being liable for any accidents or injuries that happen in the property. It may depend on the laws and procedures of each State how and who is liable for the injury that occurred. Several personal injuries can happen due to a premises liability; nevertheless if they are caused by negligent acts of others then the victim has the right for compensation.

According to the car accident lawyers at Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, many premises liability cases involve injuries related to slip and falls, dangerous chemicals in the environment, escalators, elevators, and building collapses. These kinds of things should not be persistent dangers on a property. Premises liability laws exist to protect people from these conditions, creating a minimum standard for building conditions in the U.S.

It is important to know the different laws or procedures pertaining to premises liability. There are States that follow the status of the injured visitor when determining liability, while other States depend on the property’s condition and the activities of both the land owner and the visitor. Also, it is vital to understand that an occupier of the land (namely an apartment tenant) is also considered as a landowner in certain situations or circumstances.

When it comes to injuries to children due to premises liability, it is the landowner’s responsibility to give warning to children, and especially if the land owner knows (or should know) they are more or less to enter the premises and that the premises present a potential hazardous condition that can likely cause personal injury to anyone. It is necessary to prove that the land owner have neglected their duty to maintain the safety of their property, or that they have failed to uphold their obligation to practice reasonable care to eliminate the danger or alternatively protect the children.

Children are especially vulnerable to heavy metal toxicity, a problem that can arise when there is an abundance of lead or other toxic metals on a property, such as where a child goes to school or lives. Toxicity can make a child very sick and can even be fatal.

A parent can file for personal injury lawsuit in behalf of their children who have suffered from an injury due to land owners failing to properly protect them from dangerous areas on a piece of property. Injuries to children, especially young ones, can leave long-term effects on their physical and mental health. It is necessary to fight for the rights and welfare of children who have endured physical and emotional pain due to the negligent actions of other people.


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