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Factors that Affect Car Accident Settlements

When you have been involved in a car accident, settling your case can be a better and easier option than going to court. The option of settling out of court can produce a fair and openly-agreed amount of compensation from both parties, and can make the process shorter. If you are choosing to settle your car accident claim outside of court, there are variables that your should first consider which could affect the outcome of the settlement. You should be particularly aware of these four factors when trying to settle your car accident claims.

First, the consistency of your explanations will have a big effect on your settlement. During the course of the case, there will be numerous explanations of how the accident occurred, depending on who is going to provide the information. It may be a given to have several variations of how the accident happened, but it is important to remain as consistent and honest as possible. Even if not all explanations are the same, extremely varying stories about the accident can make the car accident claim unstable and could make it vulnerable to insurance adjuster or defense attorney which could lower the value of the settlement.

Second, make sure that your doctor’s opinions support your claims. If your claims are not at par with the medical records and reports from your doctor, you may run the risk of being accused of exaggeration and malingering of complains. Likewise, the third factor is to ensure that your post-accident complaints conform to your post-accident actions. Your lifestyle should reflect the injuries that you have claimed to suffer from after the accident, and any inconsistencies can only result to a lower settlement claim and even accusations of fraud.

Last but most importantly, you have to make sure to show solid evidence of the defendant’s negligence that lead to the injuries. Personal injury cases such as those of car accident claims are dependent on the presenting negligence. Having strong evidence of the defendant’s negligent action that was the main reason for the accident and resulting injuries could make the settlement more valuable and could push the insurance adjuster or defending attorney to offer settlement outside of court to avoid trial and further loss.