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New Automobile Safety Features to Watch out for

Every time you get behind the wheel of a car, you take a risk. Not only are drivers responsible for paying attention to and following laws and traffic regulations, but they must be ready for unexpected road hazards and vehicle failures. Drivers must also watch out for reckless motorists and people under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Even the safest, most careful driver can easily become overwhelmed by the vast number of road dangers.

Fortunately, automakers are doing their best to make cars and roadways safer—here is a short list of new automobile technologies that consumers can expect to become commonplace in the next few years.

Night vision

Employing advanced thermal and infrared technology, night vision systems enable cars to spot road hazards such as animals or pedestrians long before the car’s headlights illuminate the dangerous portion of the road. Night vision technologies promise to give drivers a few extra moments to brake, decreasing the number of nighttime accidents.

Warning systems

Distracted drivers cause numerous accidents each year, from motorists using cell phones to tired drivers making lengthy road trips. Several automakers are already pioneering warning systems that monitor the car’s position within the lane using light sensors, and alert drivers if their car is veering and swerving. Some warning systems even briefly take control of the car if the driver does not respond, and swing the vehicle back into place.

Blind spot detection

Utilizing sensors or cameras, a blind spot detection system can warn drivers of cars in their blind spots when they are about to switch lanes.

It’s difficult to predict the full effect of new vehicle safety technologies, but in all likelihood they will reduce the disastrous effects of distracted driving and prevent some of the tragic accidents that occur so frequently on American roadways.

However, should any of these safety features prove to be defective, the consequences can be disastrous. Car accidents caused by malfunctioning automobile parts, especially those that drivers depend on such as brakes and accelerators, can result in fatal accidents. It is difficult to imagine the impact that a defect in a safety system would have, as that would depend on the kind of system, but it is plain to see that any type of malfunction can lead to a driver making an erroneous decision that could end in an accident.

According to the website of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, if such an injury occurs, a person is allowed to file a car accident lawsuit against the automaker.