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Protecting Your Legal Rights during a Divorce

Even the most amicable divorce can be stressful situation. As such, it’s easy to picture how much harder it is to handle an antagonistic and highly contested divorce. Aside from dealing with the emotional and psychological blow of such a situation, spouses in these tense minefields will also have to worry about protecting themselves and their children. If you are in the same boat, the following are ways you can find legal, financial, and—should the situation warrant it—physical protection through an extremely difficult divorce.

To protect your legal right as a parent, it’s important that both you and your spouse are able to spend equal amounts of time with your children as you go through the divorce proceedings. This might mean that you’ll have to stay in the family home even as you go through the process of divorce. Of course, this might not be ideal for couples that are struggling with extremely antagonistic relationships. To avoid any fights from breaking out and escalating, a better solution would be to “timeshare” your family home until all issues are settled.

In terms of finances, it’s important to safeguard your personal property and keep it separate from the assets that you share with your spouse. Secure your personal financial records and valuable personal items in a place that your spouse will not be able to access. It will also be best if you and your spouse cancel any joint credit cards or bank accounts you may have. To keep the keep everything clear cut, it is also advisable that you make a record of all the properties and assets you shared during your marriage. Generally, it is in your best interest to avoid signing any preliminary papers or agreements without having consulted your own lawyer. According to the website of Arenson Law Group, PC divorce lawyers, having a qualified family lawyer assist you during the entire process can be enormously valuable and helpful in the long run. Not having one can cause many headaches.

There are also times when a difficult divorce can become so antagonistic that one spouse will resort to hurting or threatening the other spouse or even their children. In cases of domestic violence, it’s extremely important to contact the police immediately and file a report against an abusive spouse.